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Our First Project - Manikkavasagar Children's Home, Santhivelly, Batticoloa

The 2004 Tsunami devastated the lives of hundreds and thousands in South East Asia, and the immediate response by the international community a great humanitarian disaster was averted.

However to-day daily life in places like Sri Lanka is far from normal. Still there is a great deal to be done to help; especially the children who lost one or both their parents due to Tsunami and civil war.

Ages of children in our home

Initially Manikkavasagar Children's Home was fully funded by us through Manitha Neyam Trust. In 2012, Blossom Trust was established and we continue to fund Manikkavasagar Home.

After the Tsunami disaster our Members visited Sri Lanka. We wanted to find an existing orphanage that we could work with to achieve our vision. We identified the Manikkavasagar Children’s Home in Batticoloa, which was struggling to cope with over 50 Children, many of whom had lost one or both parents in the Tsunami or civil war, with as many applicants awaiting entry.

The Home had no regular income, and survived on handouts and ad hoc gifts from the occasional visitors and from the local community organizations. They were housed in a modest two roomed building, which was designed for twelve children and constructed in 1993. As a consequence of the civil war and the Tsunami another thirty nine joined the children’s home and another fifty children were waiting to be placed in the home. Fifty one children had to eat, study, play and sleep in this confined space. They shared two toilets. These facilities were totally inadequate to cope with the needs of residents.

What we have done:

We obtained a new site and set about building a home for them.

Manikavasakar home front elevation plan Manikavasakar home front elevation constuction

Children moved into the home in 2006


Their new home has a central sleeping hall and has private study rooms with IT facilities. The well has been replaced by six bathrooms and the single pit latrine has been replaced by six toilets.

Bring joy where there is sorrow / Self sufficiency and sustainable gardening

Bring joy where there is sorrow Self sufficiency and sustainable gardening

Sports and cultural events are an integral part of the lives of the children / Children on the way to school

Sports and cultural events are an integral part of the lives of the children Children on the way to school
  • We have been able to prove to these children that education and hard work will set them free.
  • We identified children with potential and provided an extra tuition in maths, science and English.
  • Eight students have gone on to undergraduate education at universities and technical college.

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