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Manikkavasagar Illam Beneficiaries

Manikkavasagar Beneficiaries

Since 2005, over 225 boys have been benefited from Manikakvasagar Illam. 5 Boys have successfully continued their education to University. Please find letters from some of our past and present children.

Letter from Manager

Home Manager

"Dear Sir/Madam, We feel great pleasure of thanking you for valuable support and help provided to our Manikavasagar boy’s home for the last 06 years.

Your precious support is included providing clothes, food, accommodation, education and health care."

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Letter from Kukendran

S. Kukendran

"My dear Blossom Trust, We are all doing fine here and hope that you are all keeping well as well.

I had a very difficult childhood. Within few days of my birth, I lost my father during 1990 Civil war."

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Letter from Nirojan

C. Nirojan

"Dear Sir, My name is C. Nirojan, and born on 4th Feb. 1994 in Kathiravelli, Sri Lanka. I would like to tell you about my childhood.

I was born with three older brothers. I lost my mother when I was 2 years old."

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Letter from Rajendran

S. Rajendran

"Dear Sir, My name is S. Rajendran, and I was born on 2nd May 1996 at Vaganari, Batticaloa in Sri Lanka.

I would like to share my stressful childhood with you and how I was helped by Mannikkavasagar Illam."

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