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1. Fund raising money box partners

Every Penny counts!

Your spare change will ensure a future for the needy. We thank following shops and off license that collect spare changes from public to donate for our charity projects.

  • Sugar and Spice- Watford, London, United Kingdom
  • Harewood General Store – Watford, London, United Kingdom
  • Vimco Superstores – Watford, London, United Kingdom
  • DCSR- Watford, London, United Kingdom
  • Via Net- Watford, London, United Kingdom
  • Zeb Superstores- Watford, London, United Kingdom
  • Pop Stores- Alberry, London, United Kingdom
  • Scrape Lane service station- Park royal, London, United Kingdom
  • Anglo Asian- Wembley, London, United Kingdom
  • Edmenton Saya- Edmenton, London, United Kingdom
  • Suresh store- Willston, London, United Kingdom
  • Royal food and Wine- Colindal, London, United Kingdom
  • Murco – Costcutter, Tadworth, Surrey, United Kingdom
  • Sharon – Tooting, London, United Kingdom
  • Budgens – Chiswick, London, United Kingdom
  • Budgens Ealing Station, London , United Kingdom
  • Budgens Paddington, London, United Kingdom
  • Londis Ealing Broadway, London , United Kingdom
  • Food & News – Walthamstow, London , United Kingdom
  • Food & News Walthamstow, London, United Kingdom
  • Food & News Leicester Square, London, United Kingdom
  • Food & Wine Petty France, Victoria, London, United Kingdom


2. Kaveri Kala Mandaram

Kaveri Kala Mandaram LogoBlossom Trust U.K registered charity and currently all its projects are being operated in the northern region of Sri Lanka.   It was imperative and cost effective for Blossom Trust to work with Sri Lankan charity groups, who deliver and manage the project with their resources.  KKM is registered under the Ministry of Education, Cultural Affairs and Sports – Northern Provincial Council, the Government of Sri Lanka.  In addition to its numerous educational and cultural activities the organization is also actively involved in charitable work among the local and wider communities in a project called Vanni Hope.   All our Vanni hope projects at Kilinochi are co-ordinated by KKM.

KKM Activities

KKM Chairty Approval

KKM national registration


3. University welfare unions

Our mission is to enable the community by educating the children.  Unfortunately after the recent Civil war, we have heard from many university authorities that several students discontinue their education due to their poor family back ground as the government aid is not enough for them to meet up the cost required for the graduation program.   We teamed up with couple of universities in Sri Lanka where they identify the talented students who struggle to continue their education due poor financial background and recommend them for us to support.   We have been supporting 40 graduation students since April 2014 through the following two university union.

Jaffna welfare Union

This union is managed by Welfare Services of  University of Jaffna, who identify and recommend the students who require our financial support in order to complete their education.  They co-ordinate our Jaffna educational program support, which is cost effective and directly delivered to the identified poor.

Student’s Union of Faculty of Arts & Culture of Eastern University

This union is managed by senior students of Eastern University, who identify and recommend the students who require our financial support to complete their education.



Improve job prospects and gain experience. Give time and help us improve lives.

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Give Monthly

Your regular support will enable us to continue our support and cater more for the needy.

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Give Yearly

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Making a Contribution

We are grateful for your support. We ensure that 100% of the collection goes to fund these projects. All the money you give will be spent solely on these work streams.

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Fund Raising Partner

"Every Penny counts!" "Your spare change will ensure a future for the needy". We thank the UK business partners who support our charity.

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